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 I'd Rather Busk on the Streets than Still be Living the Lie - David reveals why he turned his back on career as a pop star.
“IT'S BEEN to the industry's benefit that the Paisley lad chose music over his other passion, football. Now 29, the winner of the first BBC series of Fame Academy in 2002 has gone on to success not only as a singer, but perhaps more notably, as a songwriter for many top names.” Scotsman, Dec 2007

David Sneddon - Trouabdour Nov 2006 (3)

  David has written songs for Hurts, Lana Del Rey, Newton Faulkner, Shane filan and more.


 'He is a writer of timeless and unique songs. His songs are songs within songs: they express raw emotions, wistful-toned, thought provoking introspection. There is something very poignant and heart-breakingly real in his voice. He can soar and whisper, turn ballads into blues and transcend genre. His music is immediately accessible, full of dramatic shades of light and dark, with soulful highs and dreamy long late nights.'

'Sneddon is strong on the piano ... his lyrics which are at some times touching whilst at others thought provoking and edgy. They are always thoughtful and intelligent. ' Fringe 2007

He has had chart hits worldwide for other artists. Sneddon co-wrote the international hit “The Message” for UK soul artist Nate James.

Nate 2005c
Water Rats 2008 (11 of 26)

David’s Musical journey has taken him from the pop of Elton and the Beatles, Dylan to Coldplay.
Now working in London his taste and his ear for music have become more discerning and sophisticated.

David's songwriting is very important to him - and he has been writing since his parents bought him a piano in his early teens and being inspired by songs such as Elton's 'Rocket Man' and the Beatles 'Ticket To Ride' and 'Let it Be.' In the 80s he was influenced by Scottish bands such as Travis and Wet Wet Wet., who he saw live at Glasgow's SECC.
He works as a songwriter in London, and writes piano based melody-driven pop.

Singer songwriter David Sneddon has written songs for the synthpop duo Hurts 2010 successful album ''Happiness" (1 million copies worldwide) - "Illuminated", "Silver Lining" and "Blood, Tears & Gold. " He has written "Letters" and "Slowly" for X Factor (UK) winner Matt Cardle's album, ''Letters'', released in October 2011 and which charted at No.2 on the UK Albums Chart. He has written the song "National Anthem" for the 'Next Big Thing' Lana Del Rey's number one selling album "Born to Die.'' Del Rey’s “Video Games” received huge interest on YouTube and brought about the singer's popularity. David also wrote the song "Driving in Cars With Boys" with Lana Del Rey. He works with the UK based songwriting and music production team "The Nexus" and has been building a strong reputation as a songwriter the past years.

In 2003 David had a number one selling single and a top ten album

He had four UK Singles chart hits in 2003 and a #5 Album with his own compositions. He had 3 further UK Singles Chart hits - "Don’t Let Go" #3, "Best Of Order" #19 and "Baby Get Higher" #39. "Baby Get Higher" has since been a success hit on the dance floor for Almighty Records and a singles chart hit for Dutch singer Van Velzen. Sneddon is the only winner of a reality TV show in recent years to have a number one hit single with his own self-composed song. He has also had hits worldwide for other artists such as the international hit “The Message” for UK soul artist Nate James.

In 2009 Sneddon signed a new deal with major Music publisher (popular music) Sony/ATV Music Publishing and he will be writing for labels Decca Records, Universal Music Group and Syco, which is Simon Cowell’s label. Quote from Sneddon in Paisley Daily Express, “This deal has been in the pipeline for a year…we wanted to wait for the right deal. I don’t think there has been another reality TV winner who took a back step to this side of the industry but I like being able to get on with my work. We had to prove ourselves...and so that’s why we did a lot of development work." .

In 2008 Sneddon focused exclusively on his songwriting career, while he also performed a few occasional gigs in London over this time. He signed in 2009 with new management Three Six Zero Group and to Sony/ATV Music Publishing in July 2009, as a songwriter. He has been working with several high profile, as well as highly-anticipated emerging artists in both the US and the UK, with several releases expected in 2010 and 2011. In May 2010, Sneddon travelled to Los Angeles for his song writing work with James Mein.

  ..songwriter, singer, musician..
David enjoys his songwriting and working with other artists;
it is a challenging and rewarding career and helps him develop his music.  He collaborates with other artists for their albums with his work for Universal Music. He writes melodic songs, in a variety of styles.  David's writing career is on a roll. He has been working hard as a writer since moving to Polydor in January 2007 - he said his wrist were aching from playing piano.

:"Baby Get Higher" VanVelzen::
In October 2003 David’s single "Baby Get Higher" made the UK Singles Chart, and this song has subsequently achieved further chart success. In November 2003 the dance label Almighty Records produced an exclusive promo remix, which proved to be hit on the dance floor. The label then recorded a version featuring Belle Lawrence, which has been included on several dance compilation albums. In November 2006 this song was a Singles chart hit for Dutch artist VanVelzen. David had several songs picked up by other artists worldwide in 2006.
:"Touchdown" Julian Perretta::
In 2007 David wrote for the highly anticipated 18 year-old British singer/songwriter Julian Perretta. In 2008 Julian was signed to Sony BMG and has toured with Mark Ronson. Julian talked of Touchdown being a single choice. Debut album 2009.
:"The Message" Nate James::
Sneddon co-wrote the international hit “The Message” for UK soul artist Nate James which was released as a single in the UK in 2005, and was also a track on Nate’s debut album “Set The Tone”. It charted in Italy and Japan in 2006.  2008 David has been writing with Nate James. Nate headlined to 120,000 at the famous Montreal Jazz festival July 4 2008, where he is touring and ‘the Message’ (Top 5 Europe), is to be released in Canada.
:Dave Gibson::  the Sincere Dreamer’ David has also been writing songs for Glasgow singer songwriter Dave Gibson. He gave a top performance at the Halo Bar. David’s Beatles influences mixed with Dave’s soulful voice.


Includes "White Noise", "Time", "Lady Lullaby" , "One Old Soul", "Wish You Well".
The ‘White Noise’ Ep has been at the top of the Indiestore chart the past 3 consecutive years - 2007, 2008, 2009. Which I hope puts a big smile on David’s face! Well done David!
Recently he has been writing with backing guitarist David Mullins. Check YouTube to hear his new songs - "Scars", "No One", "My Plan" and "Little Houses".
- - - - -

1978 - 2002
'honest passions'
David developed his love of music and songwriting from a young age.  
He grew up in Paisley near Glasgow. He enjoyed performing in musicals and when his parents bought him a piano he discovered he loved writing songs, and taught himself to play. Quote- 'The person who has inspired me the most is Elton. I love the Beatles, but as I was growing up, I always wanted to play the piano like him. I've never had any lessons, so he has been my only teacher.' David 2002
He was inspired by his Dad's record collection of the Beatles, Sinatra, Van Morrison and Elton John, and he cites the Beatles as his biggest influence - the way their imaginative lyrics and memorable melodies conjure up unforgettable songs. Sneddon studied music at school, won several talent competitions, and played lead roles in musicals both at school and at PACE Youth drama.  In 1997 Sneddon studied at Paisley Univeristy for a year, after which he decided to pursue a career in music. He was offered several opportunities, a Musical in London, a young boy band, and he performed lead roles in Musicals and sang with bands in Scotland for several years. David continued writing and recording demos.

2002 - 2003 Fame Academy
He showed glimpses of a raw talent when he took part in the Fame Academy show. On the live TV show he was often at the piano writing. Songs such as My Secret Place, All My Life, Time To Fall Down, Shadow and Stand In Silence. He showed his talent at capturing the essence of a song. He won Fame Academy in Dec 2002 with over 3m votes cast.
David was the most prolific writer, writing at least one song a week. He was voted as the most inspirational & original writer‘ by fellow students. Sneddon's 2003 'Stop Living The Lie' released Jan 2003, was a number one hit single selling over 250,000 copies, and was the 12th highest selling single of the year.
"Seven Years Ten Weeks" David’s album - released April 2003 four months after he won the show, was #5 UK Album Chart, and included his 3 UK Chart singles - "Stop Living The Lie" (#1) and "Dont' Let Go" (#3) and "Best of Order"( #19). The album was about David's 7 years before, and the 10 weeks on the Tv show. The album was produced by Hugh Padgham who produced Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel in the 80s, and was recorded with Elton John's band. Other tracks include the Celtic "Without You" and "Lazy". On the sell out Fame Academy tour (April 2003) David was delighted to sing live at Glasgow's SECC venue.

He has an instinctive feel for beautiful melodies and brings honest passions to his writing. David is a ‘Beatles style singer songwriter.’ His songs are warm, reflective and searching.

::Writing with John Kielty - The MARTIANS-
While acting Romeo David met John Kielty, who was playing Juliet's father! After doing some acoustic nights at the Tron Glasgow, they decided to start a band and called themselves The Martians. They recorded a 4-track CD. The Martians performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2002.
David & John collaborated on 4 songs for David's debut album, "Seven Years Ten Weeks" - .
OK, Bluebird, Follow Me, Neverland. Plus B SIDES - Stop Living The Lie/ Dont' Let The Sun Go Down on me
Don’t Let Go/ She Needs to Know/ The longest Time and Best Of Order/ I’m On Your Side/ Wasting Your Life Away and Baby Get Higher/ I’m Fine. They are a storng songwriting partnership - the combination of David's melodic piano and John's colourful lyrics created something magic. Quote David -  'John and I are heavily influenced by the Beatles, we do a lot of melodic harmonies with nice hooks. Its melodic pop/rock.'   

David's strength is his strong melodies. One moment he is smiling light-heartedly, the next singing engrossing melodies backed by guitar, and then giving one of his moving performances at the piano.
In 2002 I was struck when I first heard David perform on tv, with the edge and strength of his high tenor voice. He is also the first artist in years that has something new in his songs. I've been a fan ever since.

David Sneddon Highbarn 2007 (14)

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